Thursday, May 21, 2009


Turned out that I didn't start painting the last tanks today. Instead I mowed the lawn and went food shopping (it echoes in the fridge after a week abroad). But, I just splashed some paint on my new little "diorama" piece (mainly for taking photos of my tanks), and added some watereffects. I've decided to make a couple of small dioramas just for getting the right touch when I start building a couple of gamingboards.

The first gamingboard will be, oddly, 90x90cm set in France, Bocage terrain-style. Last night me and my girlfriend watched some Band of Brothers episodes, (just because it's the next best tv-series after Twin Peaks and because I feel that it's one of those that you can watch whenever you feel like it and you still love it, just like "Lost In Translation"!), and I got some nice terrain ideas. So I'll start a gamingboard as soon as I'm ready for it.

Well back to the importent part.
As I only have the "Open Fire" starter, I decided to order some miniatures, and start adding infantry aiming to get a playable 600 points force.
First out will be the Germans...

This is what I decided to get:
GERMAN Company HQ (Late)
GERMAN Grenadier Platoon (Late)
GERMAN Armour Paint Set (I already have a few colors here, but wtf...)
GERMAN Infantry Paint Set (Same here...)
ART OF WAR II Book (Is this any good?)

I still have time to change the order, and I'm in doubt if I should get the "D-Day" book or not.
I guess I'll have the night, probably even the weekend, to sleep on it before they ship it...
Or what would YOU suggest me to get?

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  1. Sounds good. As far as the D-Day book goes. It really is just a resource book. There are no army lists in it. Just information on the battles, a few scenarios, and some rules for things like bocage. It isn't critical unless you're planning on campaigning the D-Day landings.