Monday, January 4, 2010

Project Test Colour

Before start painting my Germans I decided to try a lighter highcontrast paintscheme on the last of the Stug G's I have from the Open Fire starterbox.

With the Tigers of Tanner Simmons in my mind, thinking of what colours to use I gave my airbrush a good cleaning before starting the work.

I based the Stug with a really dark mix of black and brown (Vallejo German Camo Black Brown) with my airbrush, and then I airbrushed Vallejo Iraqui Sand as basecolour.
When dry I airbrushed the camopattern using Vallejo Flat Brown and Vallejo Reflective Green. This time I went for a more spotlike pattern.

Next up was building up the basecolour to Vallejo Middlestone and softening the camopattern. First I used really thinned down (juice) Vallejo Flat Brown all over the Stug and when dry I juiced on a couple of layers of Vallejo Middlestone.

The next step is trying to get some contrast and weathering.
I washed the complete model with really thinned down GW Devlan Mud Wash (Vallejo Smoke should do it, mine litterarely exploded on my keyboard and screen when I last opened it so I had to buy a
new Smoke but got home with GW Devlan Mud. Had to try it) concentrating on the recesses and corners.
When dry a wash of GW Devlan Mud + German Camo Black Brown to get some more contrast. And finally a wash of Devlan Mud + German Camo Black Brown + Black.

The tracks were painted Vallejo Flat Brown, the boxes on the back washed in different brown washes. I chipped the model with Vallejo German Grey and Vallejo Pale Sand, and made some scratches on the Schürzen plates. The extra wheels were painted Vallejo German Black Brown and then Vallejo German Grey.

A blackbrown wash on the tracks and a light patchy brush of GW Boltgun Metal was applied, and when dry I added some black and brown weathering powders to weather it some more.
The jerry cans were painted dark green and as a final touch I darkened some recesses with thinned down GW Devlan Mud + Black.

Overall I'm really satisfied with the looks using this method. It get more contrast and I have more freedom using different weathering techniques with a brighter colourscheme.
Now I must start painting my Panzergrenadier Platoon and get a proper place and setup to take better pics.


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