Saturday, May 23, 2009


I changed the order... Completely. I felt that I couldn't afford the stuff I first planned.
But I made a pretty good decision though.
I decided to go for the German Armour paintset (mainly for lacking three colors and the shop I order from are the cheapest in the country I live in on FOW products, but doesn't stock the Vallejo range), the Art Of War II book (for inspiration) and (most important of all) Fortress Europe!
Yep! Changed it so I can focus on one (for a starter) army and truly spend time on it. So while I'm working on the two StuG's and doing some terrain tests, I'll fully plan a complete army and stick to it.
See ya soon.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Turned out that I didn't start painting the last tanks today. Instead I mowed the lawn and went food shopping (it echoes in the fridge after a week abroad). But, I just splashed some paint on my new little "diorama" piece (mainly for taking photos of my tanks), and added some watereffects. I've decided to make a couple of small dioramas just for getting the right touch when I start building a couple of gamingboards.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Hello laddies!
I'm back from Scotland and had a great vacation. It's such an amazing country(?).
Havn't touched a paintbrush in over a week, but I'll probably start painting my Stug G's and my last Sherman tomorrow, so I'm pretty desperate.

As you've probably noticed I have started working on a new layout, and I hope I'll be satisfied with it when it is done. It will most likely look a bit different every time you visit it in the comming week or so, but I'll try to hurry things up.


Oh, and I'll try to post a few new pics as soon as the Stug's and Sherman are finished.


Sunday, May 10, 2009


Today I'm heading for Scotland for a week. Havn't been there for two years now, so it'll be pretty fun. (Only downside is that I'll have to drive on the wrong side of the road.)
It'll be a chance for me to read the complete Flames Of War rulebook and finish planning my blog, i.e the layout and content, while sipping on a dram.
Happy painting and gaming, and I'll be back in a week!

Friday, May 8, 2009


I finally found myself falling for Flames Of War. A truly amazing miniatures wargame set during World War II. When I got the Open Fire starter I was wondering why not create a blog to share my part of the game.

The Europe In Flames blog is under heavy construction right now, so it will look a bit different in the future. I hope you don't mind.

I 've only painted one Sherman so far, so pictures of the other two will come later on.
My first FOW miniature painted. It lacks some markings though.
The photos are not the greatest...

An other pic of the Sherman.

Before I got my miniatures I created a small displaybase for them. Not the greatest but it works.